Providing everything from 1 hour, to half and full day sessions for organizations looking to foster healthy conversations around mental health from a non-clinical approach. All sessions (virtual or in person) aim to encourage interaction with participants and open conversation.

Workshops are tailored to fit the needs of each client. Examples of workshop themes include, but are not limited to:

Supporting Employee Mental Health: Communication Techniques

Often, we overlook how powerful our language and communication can be when we are engaging with others. Learning how to communicate from a place of non-judgement and safety is critical in order to build trusting connections. We will review key skills that support safe team dynamics and understand how these skills can lead to a culture of safety and trust among our teams.

 Individual Empowerment Through Self-Awareness 

Join us for this interactive workshop where we'll delve into the critical concept of self-awareness and why it’s foundational to our personal development and mental well-being. We'll uncover the practical significance of recognizing, understanding, and managing our emotions and reactions, which is especially crucial in navigating challenging moments, whether you're in a frontline role within the community or in a leadership position. By honing our self-awareness, we not only enhance our resilience but also gain invaluable tools including self-regulation, taking perspective of others, exploring non-judgement and practicing self-control to support us in difficult moments. 

Setting Compassionate Boundaries

Boundaries are something that are critical to sustaining our wellness, but are often the hardest pieces for us to put in place. This session focuses on understanding boundaries, different kinds of boundaries that exist and how we can implement them into our personal and professional relationships for our own self care.

Understanding Our Fears Around the Conversation of Suicide

Whether it be in our personal or professional lives, many of us hold fear and resistance to conversations around suicide and suicidality, in particular, how to provide support to someone who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide. Our ability to create space for connection and safety directly stems from our ability to proactively work with our fears and discomforts when it comes to speaking of suicide. In this workshop, Hayley will lead us through a raw and interactive conversation that will go beyond the signs to look for, and instead focus on identifying our fears, supportive and person centred language and how hold space for these vulnerable conversations. She will highlight the importance of non-judgment and self compassion in this process as she challenges us to build our confidence and comfort in engaging in difficult conversations.



Delivered in person (1 day) or online ( across 2 or 4 days )

A foundational workshop on how to have supportive conversations.

This interactive training, created from a place of lived experience, is focused on strengthening your ability to support someone who may be struggling with a mental health challenge socially, emotionally, and practically. This course will take a deeper dive into how to have conversations in a way that helps the other person, while still considering your own self care.

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