Peer Support

Peer Programming Services:

Peer Support

Hayley Peek offers comprehensive advisory services to support organizations in all aspects of peer support program development and management. Support for organizations includes Project Management (development and implementation), Program Management, Peer Support Training, and professional development workshops for those in Peer Support positions. 

With expertise in strategic planning, training delivery, and ongoing program support, Hayley empowers organizations to build strong and effective peer support networks.

Peer Support Training:

Providing training crafted in alignment with the National Standards of Practice set forth by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), it is designed to be interactive and engaging for a dynamic learning experience for participants.

Led by individuals with lived experience in mental health challenges and recovery, this training is conducted in partnership with Kim Sunderland, ensuring a deep understanding and empathetic approach. Whether delivered in person or virtually, this training format and curriculum can be tailored to suit the specific needs, audience, and time constraints of your program.

Foundational elements of the training include key topics such as self-awareness, alongside peer support principles including hope, recovery, confidentiality, non-judgment, self-determination, and empowerment. Additionally, participants will gain insights into supportive communication techniques, understanding social determinants of health, understanding individual, structural and societal stigma, navigating crises and addressing the risk of suicide, trauma-informed support, fostering resiliency, and embracing proactive and holistic self-care practices.

Our extensive training experience spans facilitation in diverse settings, including workplaces, communities, and post-secondary institutions, ensuring adaptability and relevance across various environments.