April 9th 2020 | A Modern Way To Work | Supporting Employee Mental Health

A 1 hour podcast discussing how managers can best support their employees and their mental health during this time.

May 6th 2020 | Conference Board of Canada | Supporting Employee Mental Health: Tips on How to Have Supportive Conversations



April 30th 2020 | An Introduction to Supporting Through Struggle™

A 2 hour webinar that serves as an introduction to our full day Supporting Through Struggle™ workshop. In this webinar, we introduce you to the course content, objectives and key learning take aways.


April 23 2020 | Benchmark Benefits Solutions Inc | How To Support Your Employee Mental Health During The Stress of COVID 19

A 1 hour webinar that discusses the following:
1. Addressing the fears & anxieties employees may be feeling at this time.
2. When in conversation with employees, what communication tips should I be keeping in mind?
3. What practices can we put into play to support employees in their new day to day routines?
4. How can I aid employees to navigate support workplace and community resources?