Training & Education

If your organization is looking to foster healthy conversations around mental health, reach out to discuss current issues you are seeing or ideas you may have.

I thrive on working with organizations who are looking to bring this kind of interactive learning to their culture by providing customized lunch & learns or half day workshops which are tailored to the need of each client.

Notable Workshops:

Understanding & Supporting Our Mental Health:

Many of us are feeling increased levels of stress, anxiety and burnout. Some of us may even be experiencing feelings of depression or an increased use of substances to cope. Being able to understand and manage our mental health and wellness needs to become a priority as we continue to navigate through our new realities and routines. So, how do we provide ourselves with the practical skills and strategies to ensure we are practicing building individual resilience and self care?

How To Have Supportive Conversations: Fostering Healthy Workplace Communication

Often, we overlook how powerful our language and communication can be when we are engaging with others. Learning how to communicate from a place of non-judgement and safety is critical in order to build trusting connections. We will review key skills that support safe team dynamics and understand how these skills can lead to a culture of safety and trust among our teams.


Stigma & Self Stigma: An Open Conversation

Before we can address how to refrain from stigmatizing language, beliefs and behaviours, we need to understand what stigma is. When we label, judge or treat others differently due to physical, mental or socio-economic realities as some examples, we contribute to stigma. Stigma is all around us and sometimes we even contribute to it unintendedly. So how can we become more aware of stigma and adopt practices to avoid it when we talk about mental health?


Suicide Awareness: Identifying Fears & Using Person Centred Language

This workshop will focus on identifying our fears around talking to others about suicide . Many find that they are may be afraid to support someone who they think may have thoughts of suicide for fear of not knowing what to say. Together, we will go over language, how to show compassion and hold space for these vulnerable conversations. We will talk about getting comfortable asking uncomfortable questions and the importance of direct language choice. We will also explore the spectrum of suicide ideation versus action so we can feel as confident as possible to have difficult conversations.

Additional topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Workplace Mental Health: How to support ourselves and employees
  • Self Awareness & Emotional Wellness
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Understanding & Addressing Burnout
  • Building Individual Resilience Through Lived Experience

    Specialized Trainings:


    Delivered in person (1 day) or online ( across 2 or 4 days )

    A foundational workshop on how to have supportive conversations.

    This interactive training, created from a place of lived experience, is focused on strengthening your ability to support someone who may be struggling with a mental health challenge socially, emotionally, and practically. This course will take a deeper dive into how to have conversations in a way that helps the other person, while still considering your own self care.

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