Training & Education

If your organization is looking to foster healthy conversations around mental health, reach out to discuss current issues you are seeing or ideas you may have.

I thrive on working with organizations who are looking to bring this kind of interactive learning to their culture by providing customized lunch & learns or half day workshops which are tailored to the need of each client.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding & Supporting Our Mental Health
  • Fostering a Culture of Care in the Workplace
  • Self Awareness & Emotional Wellness
  • An Open Conversation: Addressing Burnout, Self Care and Building Resilience
  • Supportive Ways To Support Through the Conversation of Suicide
  • Supporting Employee Mental Health: Tips on How to Have Supportive Conversations 

Specialized Trainings:


Delivered in person (1 day) or online (two half days)

A foundational workshop on how to have supportive conversations.

This interactive training, created from a place of lived experience, is focused on strengthening your ability to support someone who may be struggling with a mental health challenge socially, emotionally, and practically. This course will take a deeper dive into how to have conversations in a way that helps the other person, while still considering your own self care.

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